Tuesday, April 26, 2011


**moved from my Mi Amore blog (December 27th, 2005 by shiksa-08)

Oh well, here i am right now nasa Panabo. I was brought here by my ever itchy and adventurous feet. I’m here with my best bud Phil to fetch our friends, Nimrod and Teddy. Spending time with these guys surely brings a whole lotta fun to me. I’m excited.

But then… Damn. I hate this. It’s just that, I can’t figure it out. This f*****g feeling is pissing the s***t in me. Grr… Why?

I’m totally pissed. I could get wild’n out but I don’t want to, I’m responsible for myself ‘coz actually I’m alone. You guys might not eventually figure out what I’m trying to make sense here ‘coz I don’t want you to. F**k! What a crap is this I’m telling anyway? Shallow damsel, get back to where you must be. Free from the shadows of your warped illusions and fears. Free from your black side who’s trying to bring back the whole damnation right in front of you. Let IT die. Drown IT with laughters and happy thoughts. Break IT’s legs so it won’t be able to swim. Try on some poisons so it would be destroying the inside instead of the outside. Because IT is inside anyway. Don’t let it ruin the outsides of you. It’s just the feeling that’s threatening you not the _ _ _ _ _ _. And the _ _ _ _ _ _, doesn’t know. Leave it that way.