Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Surrender to Reaper

**moved from my Xanthippe blog (January 18th, 2006 by amor88)

I - Nobody likes me and I don’t know why
Everybody loves the fact that I won’t be alright
Why don’t you rescue me from this pain that makes me high?
Take away this feeling that’s burning inside

Ref - ‘Coz I’m so out of place and I’m out of my mind
This shit is out of control, this shit is out of control

Cho. - I wanna die tonight, I cannot take this shit inside
I’m so tired of asking why, just let me die tonight

II - My uncertain life just passed me by
Lovely suicidal I’m coming tonight
Just kill me now and I won’t mind
Oh I’m dying and it feels so right

Coda: Let me die tonight(3x)

by: xanthippe

(The original title of this is Die Tonight. I already tuned it with chords.
So if given the chance to be vocalist in a band,
this’d be our first single. \m/)