Thursday, October 2, 2008

♥ 45th Monthsary ♥

October 03, 2008 - Out 45th monthsary. I never thought time can fly by so fast that we can even hardly notice the massive changes that's happening around us, between us and within us.

That at some point in my life, I was once a punk rock chic, whose life is centered with having fun, hanging out with friends, venturing my love-life, ended up with a broken heart, soul and dignity. There's also a point in my life where I'm on top of my league, getting and doing exactly what I wanted out of its impossibility. A pedestal, is what how everyone sees me. Lastly a point, just so little part of my life that I barely even give attention of, BEING ME.

The first part of that 45 months, I was walking in life like a zombie, not really sure If I should be out there with the rest of the dead people and continue living in hell or fight against that fact and find a cure.

One day, the hero and I crossed paths, I attacked him for the reason that I AM A ZOMBIE, I attack people, hurt them, eat them til they become my own kind. Yet the hero carrying the one and only cure, neither dodged nor used his weapon against me to save his very own existence. Unaware of his being immune to such kind of monstrosity, he tied me with him, injected me the cure, kept me clinging on to him. Inspite of me, confused of what this hero is trying to do to me, if he's ending my despair by killing me or bringing me into a life, nobody knows If I'd be able to live with.

The hero stayed there, right beside me, until I finally came to my human senses and realized how dangerous and noble this hero has done to me. He revived me out of the evil inside me.

Being grateful was never enough in exchange of the marvelous deed he's done. Eventually, after many attempts of violent reaction left from the cure, the disease went away. And that left me with love, friendship, respect and trust for the hero whom I've learned and nourished those genuine things from. If not for this hero, I would have been the same Zombie: ruthless, faithless, insensitive, I used to be.