Monday, October 5, 2009

What's with us lately?

3 months has passed since my last post and now it's time to update it. I'm doing this not because it's a part of my task but I'd also like to share the happenings that have occurred over the past 3 months because there sure have been quite a lot.

We've all heard of the death of the Philippines' first woman president, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. The moment I've heard the news on TV, it was early Saturday morning, shocked as I am, but I cried. It felt like I've lost the reason why I am living freely today. Cory's repose is a huge loss to the Filipino people. Many were saddened, among them most is her family. I hope that somewhere out there, Cory is happy in the arms of her husband, Ninoy Aquino. May they both rest in peace.

Then came the typhoons such as Ondoy which have recently caused a massive destruction to many houses, businesses and hundreds of lives. Luckily our island never had to suffer from such a catastrophic event. Thank God, there are those people who have extended their help and support in order to provide the needs of the victims. This way, Filipinos have once again shown to the world how helpful and supportive we are to our fellowmen. Filipinos surely are survivors and kind by nature.

As for me and my family, there's nothing much happened really, of course except for the fast development and growth of my daughter, Lauriana Akeesha. She's 10-months old and does many tricks that have us adore and love her even more. Growing up a child is challenging but the rewards that come along with it, is definitely priceless. It's one of the things in this world, money can never buy.

Time flies by so quickly that we never notice how much we've grown, how many things we've missed and more. As the cliche goes, "Life is short." - thus we should make the most out of it, instead of wasting it into other useless and meaningless deeds. Give each and every opportunity your best shot as it may be your last. Let's treasure the things we have as nothing lasts forever.

Until next time... Make every moment count.