Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Car Seats for Akeesha

We've been used to riding on a taxi cab when I was still pregnant, but when Akeesha was born, that was changed. Whenever she's with us, it's been a priority for us to make sure that she's feeling protected and comfortable. Even I, also have to consider that traveling hassle-free as I don't want to feel stressed after the whole nine months plus labor plus the delivery.

Thus, we decided to look for a comfortable car seat for our daughter. We stumbled upon ShopWiki.com which gave us very good advice on choosing the right car seat for our daughter. After all the helpful tips we learned, it lead us to stores which offers the safest, nicest-looking baby car seats at an affordable price. So we settled on buying a pink convertible car seat for our little daughter with matching pink baby stroller that we can use when we're malling or taking a stroll in the park. Thanks ShopWiki.com for making my being a first time mommy such a care-free and wonderful experience.