Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You Changed My Life - Overhauled

Akeesha is not only my daughter. She's become an essential part of existence. My life on earth would be worth nothing if not for her.

With her and GJ, many things have changed in me (thanks to Jeremy and Eric for constantly reminding of what I was before). Many of the people I knew from college and high school noticed of what a big change I've made of myself. From the way I move, the way I think and the way I dress up, yeah especially the way I dress up! We're talking about from punk to chic here, that big deal!

See the difference?

So what happened to me in between those punk days and today? Well, the answer is simple, I was overhauled.

I've been through a lot, and that "a lot" has made me learn, sacrifice, and realize things. Things that I've grown to accept with, love with and above all, love with.