Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Davao Glutathione: A Hype Worth Pursuing?

Aside from weight loss and aging, there is still one beauty problem that a lot of Filipinas nowadays deem very critical. It’s skin whitening.

For many Filipinos, the one with the fair skin looks beautiful, and this is because many of us find Caucasians attractive, and fair skin is one very glaring feature that they all share . (Aside from sharper noses and light-colored eyes.) Because of this, many of us pursue several skin whitening endeavors — from soaps, to lotions, to night creams, to pills and even injectables.

However, here’s one very critical question that we must answer—is glutathione a hype worth pursuing? Especially that it’s administered in the body using injectables and/ or pills?

For the General Health

If you want to talk about what’s hot in Davao, glutathione is one of the widely accepted oral and
injectable form of skin whitening. Aside from that, there are even published studies which says that glutathione not only helps you in skin whitening, but because it’s best to take with vitamins A, C and E, we also tend to increase our doses of those immunity-boosting vitamins.

For the Lazy/ Busy One

Many people hold very busy lives and stellar careers. When you talk about careers, many professionals also deem their looks as an important part of their climb up the corporate ladder.

And because these people have very happening lives and can spend for their looks, most of the
professionals who want to be fairer look for cheap and trusted suppliers of Davao Glutathione. It’s just like weight loss. If you are too lazy or too busy to exercise or diet, you can complement your little efforts with some weight loss pills.

For Maintenance

Because Davao is already a highly modern and industrialized city, Glutathione may now be bought in many pharmacies and in some department stores. If you are already using a whitening soap, lotion and some sunblock for your skin, Glutathione is great for complementing your topical efforts with its in - depth whitening power.

Even if you miss out on some days or you forgot to buy your favorite soap the next time you grocery shop around Davao, Glutathione (the injectable and pill versions) will be there to save your sorry skin. And you can stay white!

For the best stocks of Davao Glutathione, call (082) 244-11-94 or (63) 927-777-2298 and look for Ma. Helen Rodriguez.