Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drown Me

**moved from my Xanthippe blog (April 19th, 2006 by amor88)

I could be worst when there are words I can’t say.

I’m awakened by the miserable past that you keep on display.

I’ve been cut through deep, deep down the shadows,

the shadows on where I don’t wanna belong.

I wanna leave her ‘coz I don’t wanna make her feel suppressed, depressed,

unwanted, I ain’t worth it.

Drown me, never wanna swim. Drown me, stop this scheme,

she deserves better.

Give me some relief, the one that could vanish me,

the one that has the power to stop me from coming back.

I can’t take this anymore, can’t hurt her no more.

She deserves something better than feeling me…

than suffering from me, than loving doubtfully ‘coz of me,

than living in hell w/ me. It’s love that she deserves to feel from you…

Untitled 4

**moved from my Xanthippe blog (March 6th, 2006 by amor88)

my life is suppressed by the mystery of what will happen next to me

i can’t let it go, it excites me, never get lost, never get lost


my bruises and wounds are digging it’s way down, creeps all over

it burning, it’s incinerating, it’s a mysterious, magical feeling


prick me hard

punch me hard

slap me hard

’til your anger vanishes…

hug me tight

kiss me hard

fuck me hard

as you please….

lie to me

hate me

get rid of me

’til you get yourself satisfied…

and now you’re…




by me…

Surrender to Reaper

**moved from my Xanthippe blog (January 18th, 2006 by amor88)

I - Nobody likes me and I don’t know why
Everybody loves the fact that I won’t be alright
Why don’t you rescue me from this pain that makes me high?
Take away this feeling that’s burning inside

Ref - ‘Coz I’m so out of place and I’m out of my mind
This shit is out of control, this shit is out of control

Cho. - I wanna die tonight, I cannot take this shit inside
I’m so tired of asking why, just let me die tonight

II - My uncertain life just passed me by
Lovely suicidal I’m coming tonight
Just kill me now and I won’t mind
Oh I’m dying and it feels so right

Coda: Let me die tonight(3x)

by: xanthippe

(The original title of this is Die Tonight. I already tuned it with chords.
So if given the chance to be vocalist in a band,
this’d be our first single. \m/)

Forever Man

**moved from my Mi Amore blog (August 22nd, 2007 by shiksa-08)

I love the way you look at me

It’s as if you’re filling my emptiness

I love the way you touch me

’cause even the depths of my soul feels it

From a lonely damsel, you caught me

brought into a paradise I never thought I can be

I was renewed by all the wounds I’ve caused you

I knew I love you, the day you cried

The love and passion, how we both share

The hugs and kisses, these things I can’t compare

The man I never saw before, turns out to be my forever man

Like a baby you cradled me into your arms

Only to protect me from the past that haunts me

You never asked for anything but my happiness

You always knew, that there’s light in the midst of my hopelessness

You always knew that someday, somehow I will also love you

You never left me despite the pain

And I said never to hurt you again

Because I love you, I want you to be my forever man