Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love life…

**moved from my Mi Amore blog (December 21st, 2006 by shiksa-08)

At long last, i can officially and legally have my vacation without thinking that i might miss a class, a quiz, a recitation, an event. Our prelim exams, I’m so over them except for one, and that’s the bar exams….haha like we’re lawyers and all that…. nah what i’m trying to say my polsci exam. God, i thought she won’t give me a hard time in taking the exam but then it turned out she didn’t allow me to ‘coz as always, i don’t have permit again, like i’m not used to it, duh?! Now that i’ve already spent roughly 5 years in college, like it still brings me down, but nah, i’m immune to it though.haha

Week after week after the Sportfest it seemed like i got sickness one after another. The heck?! My body doesn’t seem like fighting away all the sickness i’ve been thru. I’ve lost my weight and looked all so dull not only to my eyes but to everyone’s. Grr… That’s why this vacation, I’ll really make myself bloat, haha, exaj, make myself look like what i used to be back when i still cute and cuddly (did i just make myself sound like a penguin?haha). Anyways, I’m still happy though after all the sickness, the absences, the meetings, the events, at least i’m lucky, i’m still alive! I still got my supportive friends, my all-the-usual family, my loving boo, my life. :) That worth all the count. Thank God for making me feel oh so alive, having all the trials, the laughters, the happiness, the river of tears. Oh it feels so right, so good and makes me to ask for more for me to grow more (not physically anyway,,,haha) and to become human.

My life ROCKS, my life’s COOL (accidentally though), my life is all i got and i’m enjoying it and spending it to the limit! Hallelujah! Amen!

Love you Jesus! Love you Gj!