Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drown Me

**moved from my Xanthippe blog (April 19th, 2006 by amor88)

I could be worst when there are words I can’t say.

I’m awakened by the miserable past that you keep on display.

I’ve been cut through deep, deep down the shadows,

the shadows on where I don’t wanna belong.

I wanna leave her ‘coz I don’t wanna make her feel suppressed, depressed,

unwanted, I ain’t worth it.

Drown me, never wanna swim. Drown me, stop this scheme,

she deserves better.

Give me some relief, the one that could vanish me,

the one that has the power to stop me from coming back.

I can’t take this anymore, can’t hurt her no more.

She deserves something better than feeling me…

than suffering from me, than loving doubtfully ‘coz of me,

than living in hell w/ me. It’s love that she deserves to feel from you…


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